"Years ago, I was determined to lose weight and get healthy. I began to figure out what worked for me and it has been a 30-year ride to good health and feeling better. Along the way, I made many mistakes. I gained and I lost. I was frustrated and wanted to give up many times, but in the pile of this mess, I was committed to MYSELF. By listening to TV commercials, about the newest diet, looking at Hollywood, or magazines, or even listening to your best friend tell you what they think you should do to lose weight or get healthy you have given them POWER over YOU. Begin to TRUST and listen to YOURSELF. Identify what YOU need. Make MISTAKES, because YOU will. We are so FEARFUL of making choices for ourselves that we look OUTWARD when we have all we need INSIDE of US. YOU GOT THIS.

-Debra Mazda

No matter how many times you’ve FAILED in the past. No matter what goals you didn’t achieve. Right now you have the POWER to Change. Now is the time to get started!

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