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A New You 2019

As YOU enter 2019, time for a new start, a new journey, a new you. This is a time to set new goals and discover self- motivation/inspiration. This new year should be the time to better health and happiness.

For many, we left the previous year vowing that the new one will be better.  However, taking time to reflect on your previous accomplishments might help you to have clarity as to what the new year will bring. Reminders of the past can be a time for self-reflection. Time to reflect on what worked or did not work and how does that fit into your life now. When making goals remember they need to fit into your lifestyle, especially if you have made major changes. By not addressing any lifestyle change you could sabotage what you need to accomplish  Whatever the  change might be, address it, so it does not hinder YOU.

For instance, if you need to get moving and 60 minutes a day cannot possible be squeezed in than cut it in half. Almost everyone can find 30 minutes a couple of times a week to get healthy. If you are looking to eat healthy, then going cold turkey is probably not your best option. Pick and choose how you will make it happen. Take a meal that you want to start with, maybe more protein and fewer carbs. Let’s be honest, if you had your mind set on a new diet or some crazy exercise program when you have not walked a mile, we both know that will not last too long.

As with every year, most want to lose weight and will go looking for the newest diet program.  But did you know that DIETS have a 95% failure rate long term. They create havoc in our lives having a roller coaster phenonium called the yo-yo effect, which most definitely leads to binge/emotional eating leaving you feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and deprived of things you like. In the end, your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem get flushed away. Now, is that the goal to start a new YOU? I hope not!  There is a better way to take care of yourself and not get sucked into more DIETING. I propose a DIET FREEDOM YEAR!  NO MORE DIETS! It is time to get in touch with your body and trust YOURSELF. You have it all inside, you need to believe it! It is time to stop being scared and restricting yourself and make choices that will work for YOU! Here are some ideas of how you can move to DIET FREEDOM! They will not happen overnight but stay focused and when challenged, get up and start again.

First, it is time to focus on your health and not your weight. This will set the tone for the future. I know it will be hard at first as those nasty diet commercials will try to lure you to their side but stay with me, because here is something you need to keep in that head of yours, weight and health are not related. THINNESS does not guarantee good health.  YOU can have a few pounds extra and be healthy. It is time to stop stressing about what you weigh and look like but focus more on how you feel. I know plenty of thin women who look great but do not feel good. Yep, you heard it from me! THINNESS does not guarantee you will feel good.

Second, time to think Mindfully, that is being present in our decisions! DIETS cause us to distrust our choices and actions. Therefore, we will go searching for an outside source to validate that what we doing is OK. Most of us have been programmed from childhood that we can’t trust ourselves and that we need to eat according to what someone else proposes or plans.  By thinking mindfully, you will tap into internal hunger and fullness cues. It is vitally important to understand how to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger. Allow yourself to eat what and when you want. Food should be fuel for the body, make that the focus. Stop depending on the scale to validate YOU.  Eat for your health and learn to enjoy all foods. Find joy in eating!

Exercise and movement are vital for good health. Moving your body has tremendous benefits not to mention how great you will feel mentally and emotionally. You do not have to join a gym or be the next Olympic athlete but taking time for YOU will help live longer and healthier. 

  • Get a shapelygirl fitness DVD and get motivated
  • Find a dance class
  • Try yoga, Pilates, tai chi
  • find a park and take a walk.

Now is the time to create a fun, inspiring relationship with exercise, so you will look forward to movement.  

Don’t keep putting your life on hold. YOU need to be in the present NOW not tomorrow or not when you weigh a certain weight. YOU are amazing right now just getting better daily. Honor and accept who you are now. People who honor their bodies are more likely to engage in healthful lifestyle behaviors than people with high body dissatisfaction. People who take of themselves are more likely to be happier and feel worthy. When you appreciate who you are, you want to do what’s best for you!  No matter what size YOU are or what you weigh you deserve respect from others but more so from YOURSELF!

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