DIETING, DIETING, will I ever feel better?

When Twiggy made her debut in America decades ago,  she changed the culture of American women and how they viewed themselves. Prior to us seeing her emaciated skinny almost boyish body women were curvy and voluptuous. Women embraced their curves, but since then, women have been clamoring to find the perfect avenue to thinness and a slender body. To my knowledge, this behavior does not seem to be stopping any time soon.

 Every day millions of women are on some “DIET” or ridiculous food program in order to feel better about themselves. For most women, the learning curve of feeling great centers around how much they weigh or what size they are. Losing weight makes some women feel like they won an Oscar, while for others the satisfaction of weight loss is only a band-aid to a bigger ailment. Most times it is not about weight, but a history of learning at an early age that we somehow are never good enough, leading us to feel unworthy about our bodies. We have been programmed to believe the cure is to be thin. This mindset creates a negative view of oneself that even the most educated would not be able to contain rationally. When striving to get and stay skinny fails, one can be a thought away thinking a crime has been committed. For over 20 years, I have been working with women and have repeatedly heard the phrase I was “BAD” today. Seriously, tell me again, exactly what crime was committed?  Should YOU be punished?

 Most women are programmed to think negatively about themselves from the first cookie navigating toward their mouth. Thinking that something is wrong leads to self-loathing.  In a society that stresses body perfection can you see how this happens? What an emotion disaster.  This is dieting at its best, emotionally harmful and mentally exhausting. This leads us right back to blaming ourselves and that fault lies within us, the only answer now is figuring out what we did wrong.

Diet’s are not only restrictive and controlling but long term they are so damaging psychologically.  One remedy does not work for all of the population that it is supposed to service.  Women have been told for centuries that we are just not good enough as we are and that we need to be prettier, thinner and more successful to feel great about who we are. For a lot of women, dieting is the answer to all of their problems. Losing weight will make her feel more approved, loved and accepted by family, friends, and society.

Most of the newest DIETS, including shakes, powders, pills, cleanses, or whatever else is popular today will not work LONG TERM. You have to come to grips with the WHY’s of eating. Many years ago, I learned that if I let my past rule my present then my future would suffer until I came to terms with the issues that were controlling my BINGING/OVEREATING. I learned to be MINDFUL, that is, staying in the present and passing no judgment toward myself, this has worked for me over the past 20 years. The more I practiced making better choices, the better my health and wellness became, it was that simple. Initially, I needed to  DIVORCE what I thought I could not live without became OVERWHELMING. However, after many years of enjoying great health and feeling terrific, I can look at every day as a new possibility in life.  It is so important that you make choices for yourself. Maybe using MINDFUL techniques in life might really be knowing what you need and work for you. Your life will feel AMAZING because you are in control of yourself~ YOU GOT THIS


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