Eating during the holidays!

This time of the year can be extremely difficult for many who struggle with weight/food/eating. There are parties at work, home and friends with a lot of food loaded with sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. Not to mention that wonderful tasting egg nog and alcohol. The stress of it all can make some have brain fog and feeling worried not knowing how to handle this.  I am here to tell you; YOU can get thru this. YOU will feel in control and not stuffed, bloated, or out of control as that is the worse feeling in the world!

If you get overwhelmed or stressed just thinking about food and eating,  YOU can either tell yourself that you will eat what you want and worry about it January because it is the holidays and that is what you do every year. On the other hand, you can pace yourself out and think about your choices and realize that yes, I can indulge but not go crazy and eat everything in sight. If you can follow the latter and make sensible choices, you will and can get thru the holidays feeling terrific and you have accomplished an emotional victory. These are the two decisions that need to be made for anyone with food/eating issues.

  I get it as I lived that way for years. I looked forward to the holidays telling myself that in January I would go on the next big diet that would truly make my thin and skinny once and for all.  I had been on multiple diets as a child and more as an adult with no success. Diet pills, shakes, starvation, deprivation, weight watchers, Opti fast, uppers, you name it, I did it, only to once again be knocked down with no long-term results.  While dieting was such a part of me and only a thought away, there was not a diet on my lips or in my brain from Thanksgiving to January, there was only me and food!  Years ago, when I began to take control of my eating, weight, food this mindset of how I was allowing food to control me became so miniscule. Oh, I still have my days, believe me, but they are rare. I can still feel overwhelmed and stressed but I have a plan which I want to share with YOU!

  1. It is the holiday and expect to overeat! I am not telling you to go crazy but only someone living under a rock would not be tempted to perhaps overeat, you are still ok and the world will not cave in because you ate a forbidden food. If there are 3 cakes on the table, choose one and enjoy it or take a taste of them all. Make a choice!
  2. Do not stress out, take a step back and tell yourself the time goes by and we will all be back to eating our normal way again. It is ok to have it, you are not committing a crime or a bad person, that thinking needs to go, but only can change that thought. Make a choice!
  3. Give yourself permission to eat, so that you have made the choice that works for you. When we do not think and just react as some of us do, we can get overwhelmed and stressed out and that will backfire. Make a choice!
  4. Do not over exercise thinking you are working off calories. That will backfire with making you feel that you will need to exercise till exhaustion, just keep moving, relax and enjoy. Make a choice!
  5. It is not imperative to overeat or binge for the holidays just because that is what you have done in the past. The past is gone, what you did before is gone, YOUR thinking is here and now. what will you do! Make a choice!
  6. Set realistic goals daily, they need to be attainable, achievable so that you will not feel like you failed if they are so out of reach! Make a choice
  7. Last, do not go into any situation blindly, at work, at friends etc., pick and choose what you will allow yourself to have! Make a choice  Hugs, Debra

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