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How Did I LOSE OVER 100 Pounds?

People ask me constantly about my WEIGHT LOSS. I am not only asked how I lost my weight but how long did it take and more importantly how did I manage to keep it off for over 25 years. I wish I could tell you it was simple, it just happened, that was not the case. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, tenacity, resilience and discovering what I was capable of accomplishing. Prior to this awakening I was hopeless and felt doomed to always be a failure. So, when the right time opened up for me, I took full advantage of it.

What is the right time? That was my AHA MOMENT, this was the time I was not going to back down, give up or let anything get in my way. I had said that to myself so many time but never truly meant it. Now, I had enough, I would soon discover what I was made of and how strong I was. It was a fight for years; however, I drummed up the courage and strength to keep going especially when I felt like quitting, believe me that was the case many times. I understand that urge to give up, cave in and call yourself a FAILURE. NO, NO, NO I want to encourage you to not give up and keep moving forward.  There will be days of pain but then begins the process of HEALING. Maybe being thin is not in the stars for you but we all deserve to get healthy, look and feel better.

Years ago, I knew nothing about nutrition. Diets did not work and I had to figure out what might work for me. I began to cut my portion in half and the weight began to come off. I mean, back then breakfast for me was a rack of ribs, 4 eggs, 3 biscuits drowning in butter and quart of OJ. I just cut that in half and it worked. I followed it as strict as I could and then began to work out. I lost most of my weight doing that but then exercise was the catalyst that moved me to get off of the couch. I was still overweight when I began to exercise but I felt so much better and that allowed me to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Today, I eat differently, I do not diet, deprive or subjugate myself to self-ridicule. Do I eat junk food? Sometimes but not in the quantity I ate years ago. I prefer to fast 2 days a week as to allow my body to take a mini vacation from digestion, and on the other days I do eat pretty healthy. Actually I prefer healthy eating as it makes me feel great. Notice I did not say it helps me to lose weight. Those days of weight loss are gone for me. I am at a point in my life where I am comfortable with my body and weight. Today, I am more focused on my health so that I can live a long, happy life. Every day is still a playing field for my mind as far as food is concerned but I am happy to say that I have acquired the tools to make my life simple.


    • debramazda

      Tonya, thanks so much for your response. My goal is not only to tell my story but to motivate and inspire those to make changes in thier lives. Small changes are a success as well as the big ones. It is important to take one step at a time. Think positive, laugh, lift each other up and make sure we do the same for ourselves. Please let me know what I can write about that will inspire you more. Have a blessed day.
      Hugs, Debra

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