Have you ever felt fat? If so, join the millions of women of all shapes/sizes who go through this torture on a daily basis.   

So you lost weight and try on some new clothes in a smaller size, GREAT! However,  you still have those thoughts of feeling fat. YOU hate everything in the store.  You have to lie on the bed because you cannot zipper a pair of pants that fit yesterday due to water retention, or perhaps your hormones are fluctuating and everything feels tight and doesn’t look good. Too many carbs getting the best of you? 

This mental torture will snowball into thoughts of ‘I am ugly, fat and nobody loves me’ and this can lead to an eating frenzy.  You think you have every right to feel FAT with fatness starting to become your reality.  While you may think this is extreme thinking, this behavior is reality for a lot of women. This is how quickly we can act out our thoughts without thinking rationally or mindfully.

In my own personal life this thinking tortured me for years . I remember journaling somewhere that I had to come to terms with this or it would drive me insane. As a kid, food was the excuse for my existence.  I was fat in elementary school and I was reminded of my girth on a daily basis from other kids, friends, family and teachers. People were so cruel to me and never left me alone.

I grew up thinking, living and knowing that fat was a part of my life that followed me around from sunrise to sunset. In fact when my weight escalated to over 300 pounds not only did I feel fat, I was fat.  Most of the time I could not even look in the mirror because I was reminded of my enormous size.  I was Fat, that was real.

After having a rude awakening over 25 years ago I lost over 130 pounds, however, my thinking needed a major adjustment because I still felt FAT. In fact, after my weight loss, it seemed no matter how small I was getting, I felt FAT. I realized that I was going to have to work on changing the negative way I felt about myself to a more positive me.

I am happy to say that after years of mental skills training, visualization and journaling I learned that I am much more than a three-letter word.  I am happy to say that those negative words, “I feel fat” are rarely part of who I am.  

So, where does this thinking come from?  While it most certainly can start in childhood from parents who might be weight obsessed, it can also begin in elementary school, being labeled fat from other kids or even teachers. Girls can begin to believe that if they are not the perfect Barbie Doll there is something wrong and most likely begin to diet to lose weight. Some girls think they are fat at any size.  

Let’s face it; we all will begin to believe negative thoughts about ourselves when we are bombarded with messages that thinness and being skinny is better at any cost. Every time we look at magazines, newspapers, TV and Hollywood there is not an ounce of fat to be found and these venues dictate how most females think about themselves. When we do not fit that mold we begin to see ourselves as fat at any size.  If it does not match up to what we see, we internalize feelings that line up with unhappiness and we internalize feelings of I am not worthy.  

Is feeling fat the same as being fat?  Feeling fat is just what it says it is, a feeling. It won’t be reality unless you make it become your reality. While your feelings are your feelings, some of us are so driven by our feelings and emotions and if we’re not careful, those misguided feelings can create issues that distract us, discourage us, and trigger past pain that starts taunting us. They can fill our minds with thoughts that are not accurate. You cannot let your life, world and daily existence be driven by emotions, as you will then have no basis for reality.

Do I still have fat days? You bet I do! Today I know that is not my reality, it is only a passing challenge that I can either move out of the way or let beat me up. Know what is your reality?







    • debramazda

      Lucy, I am here to tell you that a lot of us have gone thru this for many years. I was my own enemy and it made me feel terrible, unloved and unwanted for years. But then one day, I began to talk to myself in a very positive way and after NOT GIVING UP, I began to believe it. It took a long time, while today I still have those thoughts that try to sneak in, I will not allow it. I want you to think you are all you have to make it better, stop listening to what the world, your past, and your inner critic is telling you. Let me know how I can help you? YOU GOT THIS

      HUGS, Debra

    • debramazda

      hi Lucu,

      I need you to think about why you do that? do you feel you do not deserve to feel and look good. do you not think you are worthy enough. I think you are more than ok and should feel good about yourself.


    • debramazda

      perceptions are not reality, you need to find a way to change your thinking. When negative thoughts arise just SHUT THEM DOWN. If not they will swallow you up! read my new book and let me help you to change your thoughts!

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