No matter how many times you’ve FAILED in the past, no matter what goals you didn’t achieve, right now you have the POWER to Change.  It is all right within you. Now is the time to get started!

At this very minute tell yourself you have complete control over your physical, mental and emotional well-being. YOUR ability to move mountains and face the challenges and setbacks is greater than you ever believed possible.  Through determination, commitment and focus you will rid yourself of the negative thoughts that have been weighing you down and holding you back from getting fit, getting healthy and losing weight.  I want you to realize that YOU are in control, so you will experience changes you never believed possible. Through this contract, together you and I will focus on those challenges and make your goals a reality. SUCCESS is right around the corner!


  • Dieting makes you fat!
  • Dieting makes you miserable!
  • Dieting focuses on the negative!
  • Dieting is a lose-lose, no win situation!

As of today,­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­declare I will lose my diet mentality and begin a new chapter in my life. Good Nutrition, Moving my Body and Never Giving Up!

I will:

  • Move my body every day
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stand up when I fall down
  • Rid myself of negative thoughts
  • Like what I see in the mirror
  • Speak highly of myself
  • Not let others put me down
  • I’m a winner. I can do this.  I am changing.  I am a better me!

Remember you’re not alone, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!


Print and sign your NO DIET CONTRACT today!