Eating My Secrets: Health, Healing, Hope

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Most overweight women have been taught that to lose weight it’s just a matter of going on a diet. For these women, the “eat less, move more”
philosophy just sugar coats the fact that some use food and eating to protect deep dark secrets from the past. Debra Mazda, a professional
who has worked with women most of her adult life, knows this issue is more complex. She has watched women lose 100 pounds only to gain
150 back. Debra knows this cycle all too well in her own life. Obesity plagued Debra in her childhood and teen years, culminating in a mental breakdown in her 30’s. This began her journey to Health, Healing and Hope. Not only did she lose over 100 pounds, but she was able to forgive those who abused her for years.

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2 reviews for Eating My Secrets: Health, Healing, Hope

  1. Bonnie Falconer

    Been waiting to read this .We all have been waiting to read this book.Love her workouts .

    • debramazda

      Bonnie, I am waiting on the next shipment and your autographed copy will be on its way. I must say I love my workouts also and really wanted to let all women know that getting off of the couch is necessary for all, no matter what you weigh or what size you are. Shapely girl fitness says “FITNESS COMES IN MANY SIZES” YOUR support is so appreciated!

  2. Daniela Belli

    I am following Debra on her FB page and she inspired me. I am a food addicted and I am following a plan for it but I haven’t peace around it. I am going up and down. I had lost my excess weight, start maintenance and felt great. Regained weight, fall in the ditch, and feel down is how I am now.
    Looking for motivation.

    • debramazda

      Hi Daniela, thanks for your honesty as I feel that is where we need to begin. Losing my weight was the hardest thing I acheived in my life and there are some days it still haunts me as that inner critic wants to take me down. Food addiction is horrible and I know exactly how you feel. Let me say this to you, YOU need to have had a conversation with yourself assuring yourself you are ok no matter what. Do not let it get to the point of the ditch as that is where we can get down and it is so hard to get up. We are all human, having bad and good days and just know I am a facebook away if you need me. YOU GOT THIS

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