Let’s Get Moving 1 & 2 Cardio Toning with Weights DVDs



NOTE: Lets’ Get Moving! and Let’s Get Moving! 2 are packaged together in one DVD case.

LET’S GET MOVING!: Exercise Physiologist Debra Mazda, M.Ed is the #1 leader of the plus-size fitness movement and creator of the ShapelyGirl DVD series. With a belief that Fitness comes in many sizes and an upbeat, motivating style, Debra inspires women of all shapes and sizes to “Get off the couch, start moving and change your life!” Let’s Get Moving! is the workout that will help you feel and look great. Even if you’ve never exercised before, you can start moving, breathing and sweating off calories with this fun, easy to follow program.

By saying goodbye to fad diets and embracing the benefits of working out 2 decades ago, Debra went from a size 26/28 to a healthy size 10/12. Let’s Get Moving! is designed especially for larger women who will enjoy working out as part of the ShapelyGirl community. Learn more at www.debramazda.com.

Let’s Get Moving! for ShapelyGirls is highly effective in burning calories and toning your body. This is a Beginner/Intermediate workout including warm up, cardio, and cool down exercises, a bonus floorwork track and special feature, Debra Mazda’s “Circle Time” where the ShapelyGirl team talks about working out as healthy, plus-size women.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Runtime: approximately 52 minutes.


Debra Mazda created this amazing cardiovascular and interval training program just for ShapelyGirls.

Increases metabolism to burn fat
Tones and conditions your body
Rates your progress with the
ShapelyGirl Intensity Scale

Debra Mazda invites you to join her Plus-Size Fitness Revolution:
“Get off the couch, get moving and change your life!”

Cardio Bonus Track included

Special Feature: Debra Mazda’s “Circle Time” where ShapelyGirls share their feelings about working out as healthy, plus-size women.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Runtime: Approximately 56 minutes



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