Let’s Get Stepping! DVD


Debra Mazda and her ShapelyGirl team are back with Let’s Get Stepping!, a step-cardio workout for beginners. Debra Mazda, M.Ed is the leader of the plus-size fitness movement and creator of the ShapelyGirl DVD series. Her philosophy is Fitness Comes in Many Sizes and she will inspire you to get moving with her friendly, energetic style and her personal story of overcoming obesity once and for all through exercise.

This workout will help you burn calories and increase flexibility and stamina. It includes fun, easy-to-learn moves designed for larger women, but they are great for anyone who is new to Step or hasn’t done it for a while. Features of this DVD include Debra’s Step Tutorial (where she demonstrates each move), a bonus Cardio track with weights, and a new edition of “Circle Time” where the ShapelyGirls share their thoughts on body image, finding their motivation and working toward their fitness goals.

Level: Beginner

Runtime: approximately 82 minutes



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