Life Guide for ShapelyGirls – Motivational 2 Disc CD Set


When diets don’t work. When resolutions don’t last. When you are finally ready to make real, lasting changes in your life and in your health!

“How did you do it?” That’s the question Debra Mazda is always asked when people find out she lost 150 pounds and has kept it off for over 25 years. She did it by adopting a series of sensible lifestyle changes and the mental skills necessary to stay motivated everyday. For the first time Debra is sharing these techniques with you.

From letting go of emotional eating, to silencing your inner critic, to a visualization technique that can help you reach success you may have thought impossible, Debra’s Life Guide for ShapelyGirls will take you step by step through this transformational program that Debra continues to use today to stay fit and fulfilled.

Approximate Runtime: 93 minutes (2 discs)




Track titles:


1. Introduction (1:31)
2. The Debra Mazda Story (8:29)
3. Unleashing Your Power (0:48)
4. Silencing Your Inner Critic (2:41)
5. Valuing Self Care (3:07)
6. The Power of Gratitude (1;30)
7. Creating a Safety Net (2:17)
8. Visualizing Success (5:54)
9. Secrets of Goal Setting(10:45)


10. Get Moving (20:43)
11. Eating the Mazda Way (25:42)
12. Preparing for Obstacles (9:13)


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